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Working capital, the main challenge of Arak industries

Working capital, the main challenge of Arak industries

Working capital, the main challenge of Arak industries

With more than 3,000 production and industrial units, Central Province is the fourth pole of the country’s industry, the second pole of mother industries and the first pole of industrial production, and with 7,900 types of industrial goods that are produced in Central Province, it is considered a leading province in the industrial field.

But the evidence testifies to the major challenges in the industries and exports of this province. Not long ago, the head of the organization of industry, mining and trade of the central province said: last year, in order to facilitate and remove obstacles to production, 1,425 billion tomans of facilities were paid to the industrial units of the central province. But some responsible officials in this province believe that the number of bank facilities is not proportional to the needs of our industries and production units, because industries need more working capital. Undoubtedly, the standard of livestock and poultry feed is very important and cannot be easily It passed by, because this issue has had serious complications in the past years and has caused many problems in people’s health, and the standard organization should have acted more seriously in the past years.

The cost of 50% of banks’ resources in the province

Farzad Mokhlas Al-Aimeh said during the discussion council between the government and the private sector of Central Province: “We agree with the proposal of the Arak Chamber of Commerce to form a committee under the responsibility of the Agricultural Jihad Organization to review the level of standard control of these foods and identify contradictions and ambiguities, so that even if necessary, reforms can be made.” It should be done in the standard, also the standards organization should take into consideration the current state of the producer so that the necessary investigations are carried out and the result is sent to the National Dialogue Council and the necessary measures are followed at the national level. They are forced to use government inputs, which may sometimes have problems in storage or transportation. We will certainly convey all the challenges and problems to the authorities at the macro level so that the ambiguities, concerns and problems in this area are resolved.

He pointed out that the problems in foreign exchange contracting are acceptable and if it were not for the export of petrochemicals, the country would definitely be facing a challenge today in terms of exports. The public mobilization by the government, the Ministry of Security and the heads of the three powers is being pursued, but it has not yet reached a conclusion.

Emphasizing that this is not a provincial issue and it must be pursued at the macro level, Mokhlas al-Aimeh said: In this area, a small surgery should be done even at the rate of free exchange rate increase. The currency system involved reforms in the country.

Pointing out that the central province has again been assigned a good rank in the business environment, he said: we must evaluate the indicators that have the greatest impact in the evaluation of this environment so that we can improve the province’s position and we must use this strength. to strengthen in the province.

The central governor said: Banks should spend 50% of their resources collected in the provinces and provide facilities in the province, but this is not implemented and this issue generally happens in private banks, and the senior managers of the province will definitely take care of this issue.

Goals that were not achieved

Not long ago, the Director General of Central Province, Samet, pointing out that 90% of export units in the province are involved in challenges in the field of working capital, said: the export amount of the province in the first five months of this year was 410 million dollars, weighing 717 thousand tons, and 60% of goods Exports include 20 items including petrochemical and industrial goods, 75% of which are exported to certain countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Pointing out that unfortunately this year, the country’s and province’s exports have not been positive, he added: The question is, why are we facing a decrease in value despite the increase in export weight? In order to export a product, we must take a look at its added value, but in the current situation, factors have made us unable to achieve our goals. Production units have challenges in supplying raw materials, the return of foreign currency from exports also has problems, while the currency from exports must be returned to the country, but the difference is about the rate at which the currency will be returned to the country, and certainly these factors contribute to growth. Export is effective.

He found the average price of each ton of exported goods to be 346 dollars in the country and 571 dollars in the central province and said: Of course, this figure is very small compared to the world (2 thousand dollars per ton of goods) and this figure shows that the goods produced towards The added value has not moved and the production units should move towards the production of goods with high added value and complete the value chain.

Referring to the province’s imports, Jodaki said: More than 90% of the imported goods of the central province are production line machinery, raw materials and intermediate goods, and in the five months of this year, we have imported 365 million dollars, equivalent to 119 thousand tons, and the value of each ton of imported goods is more than It is from 3 thousand dollars, which indicates the import of technology and machinery, etc.

Pointing out that the provinces are ranked in the field of exports based on customs statistics, he said: Central Province is ranked 11th in the country in terms of this index, but we are definitely ranked 4th or 5th in the country in terms of manufacturing and industrial exports, and if the origin of production If it is included in the export and customs reports, a more detailed export analysis will certainly be done.

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Standard in the dream of resistance economy

Jodki, pointing out that last year a major part of the province’s exports was related to the aluminum company, but this year this work was not done, and this is part of the decrease in exports.

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