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In 1361, a land with an area of 62 hectares in the southeast side of Arak, between the intersection of Khomein road and Tehran road, with the permission of the country’s forests and pastures organization, was designated by the General Department of Natural Resources of Central Province in the east of Arak city with industrial use and named industrial pole. and the plots of the field were handed over during the following years without any infrastructure facilities to natural and legal persons applying for the construction of a workshop in the form of a long-term lease contract in the implementation of Article 32 of the Law on the Protection and Exploitation of Forests and Rangelands until after receiving the exploitation license, By the tenants, the definitive transfer of the title deed should be issued in the name of the operators, and the management of the current affairs of this industrial hub was under the authority of the municipality.

In about two decades after the handover, when about 120 units were established in this industrial area, due to the lack of a suitable trustee, no infrastructure facilities in the direction of construction and development in this industrial pole, like government industrial estates, had been established; With the discussion of privatization in the form of paragraph (p) note (2) of the country’s budget law of 1379, the senior officials of the province encouraged the veteran managers of the established units to create a private industrial town in order to organize this area.

Following the Resolution No. 59879/T dated 28/12/1379 of the Council of Ministers regarding the approval of the establishment of the Qutb Industrial Town, the establishment of the Cooperative Construction Services Company of Qutb Industrial was made with the registration license No. 4207 on 24/12/1380 and this company On 12/26/1381, the trustee of the settlement succeeded in receiving the license to operate the non-governmental industrial settlement of Qutb from the then Ministry of Industries and Mines.
The result of the efforts and continuous follow-up of the industrial veterans and the board of directors and the participation of the units located in this town led to the transformation of the industrial hub into a non-governmental industrial town with the legal benefits of the Iran Industrial Towns Company and the following steps have been taken to eliminate many of the deficiencies. Is.


❑ Implementation of road network with tabulation, infrastructure and asphalt
❑ Implementation of surface water collection network
❑ Implementation of electricity, water, gas and telecommunications distribution network
❑ Implementation of sewage collection network and connection to the national network
❑ Implementation of road lighting network
❑ Creation of green spaces in 3 parts of the town at the entrance and exit and on the side of the roads
❑ Creating a drip irrigation network for green spaces
❑ Installation of unit guidance boards and traffic signs
❑ Creation of the entrance gate of the settlement
❑ Installation of Sanat statue at the entrance and exit of the town
❑ Construction of a 3-story office building in the town with an area of 600 square meters
❑ Construction of a guard building at the entrance and exit of the settlement
❑ Installation of CCTV cameras in some of the town’s roads
❑ Installation of 8 fire hydrant valves in the streets of the town

In 1387, with the increase of the city limits of Arak, it is located in the city limits. It has 145 units and the activities of most of the production units in this town are in the fields of machining, aluminum work, casting, metal structures, military, automotive and concrete parts, wooden structures, making aluminum and UPVC doors and windows and structures It is a construction style.
This industrial town has taken steps within the framework of the rules of the industrial town company and plays an effective role in the production and economic and industrial prosperity of the country and improving the employment index of Arak metropolis.
All these matters have been realized under the support of the senior officials of the province, with the participation and accompaniment of the managers of the units located in the town and the compassionate follow-up of the board of directors of this company, and due to the strategic location in the shadow of the participation and cooperation of the members, the prospect of improving the business environment And the work and prosperity of knowledge-based activities is accessible in the future horizon.

Board members

Policy making and macro decision making of the organization

علی جعفر قدبیگی
Ali Jafar Ghadbeigi Chairman of the Board
علی جعفر قد بیگی
Mohsen Darman Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
سجاد جوکاد
Sajjad Jokar Secretary
عبدالرضا علمداری
Abdulreza Alamdari Board of Directors
سید تقی مکبری
Seyyed Taghi Makbari Board of Directors
علی خلیلی
Ali Khalili Board of Directors
علی جعفر قد بیگی
Majid Anjalasi Board of Directors
منصور جمیلی
The late Mansour Jamili Former vice chairman of the board of directors
معصومه گودرزی
Masoume Gooderzi CEO
علی جعفر قد بیگی
Ali Reza Kayseri Inspector
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